How to use for a new design

This visual portfolio is a resource to help you and your clients develop design ideas around previous used designs. These designs can then be personlised to the customers. requirements.

For ease of use the portfolio has been split into three sections- magazines, newspapers and digital advertisements, this is then further broken down into categories. You can choose ideas from magazines and use in newspapers (or vice versa) but be mindful that certain styles might not re-produce so well in different media and may require adapting slightly.

If you wish to use a design example as the basis of your advertisement then quote the style guide number on you copy instructions. EG .use APV-28 as the style guide. and then send your copy through to your design studio in the normal way.

If you cannot find an example that matches your clients. requirements then you can request a visual. A visual is used when a client is looking for new ideas, image, plan a campaign or the sales person is looking to sell an idea to the client.

These will be booked to the publication date or visual booking code if unknown. One Urn with various size or media requirements is acceptable and it might require the designers to research for ideas. The instructions must be communicated via the on line visual request form that has been designed to capture the information required by the designer.

All supporting material must be emailed to the creative team

The visual request form is there to capture information to met clearly defined goals for a specific advertisement or advertisement campaign. This in turn guides the designers to produce what the client.s wants to see, not what they want to design.

So how does a designer translate a vague idea into a finished ad, the answer is simple . provide the right information.

Company Overview

The client / sales person needs to provide the designer with enough information about the Company

Where are they coming from?
Where are they trying to go?
Who do they are see as their competitors?
How does their product or services differs from the competition?


The overall aim of the advertisement: –

  • Whether it is to promote the company name
  • Show a new product or service
  • To promote a particular product range or event
  • To create a new image or brand identity


Who are they trying to reach and are they trying to reach them on price, quality, service, image etc.

Examples, likes and dislikes

Include examples of past ads, what the customer liked or disliked about them.
Include examples of other ads that the client likes the style of
Do they have other promotional material running currently . leaflets, website, brochures and ads in other magazines and journals?
Does the client have corporate colours, logos, and contact details to be used?

Provide a contact name, telephone number and e-mail address so that the designer can clarify design points.

And finally..

When a visual booking is confirmed please book to the appropriate publication and quote the visual URN as the lift instruction